Supported by genius dedicated engineers,Goslin Tech have present a good performance in OEM&ODM worldwide.

Authorized patents on vaporizing secure Goslin Tech's intellectual property and position in the market.

Strong production capacity (5 million pcs per month).

Strictest hygienic and safety standard (Heave metal passed&no leaking).

Precise testing procedure (Manufacture Executive System monitors quality from raw material to finished products).
How Does
GOS Achieve It?
  • Goslin Tech have created the most disruptive technology in current vaporizer business who specially design to replace traditional coils which comes with uneven heat distribution, ineffective heating process and inevitable burnt taste.
    Goslin Tech ‘s products is optimized to absorb and vaporize high viscosity extracted oil more efficiently and effectively.
What's Different
Ceramic Heating Elements
· Pure Flavor
· Good Consistent performance
· Launches at First Puff
· Optimized for High Viscosity Extract
Based Technology
· Burnt Taste, Contaminates Expensive Oil
· Inconsistent performance
· Requires 5-6 Puffs to ”launch”
· Doesn’t Work with High Viscosity Extract